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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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morning. bob ridell and all of those non-profit organizations that needs your help. charities from across the bay area asking fors a zi tans today. >> all that energy inspiring. you know what, we've got a forecast that will inspire as well. beautiful sun rise over san jose. mild today. unsettled weather though. just days away. we'll give you the timeline for the changes. no smoke in the view of the san mateo bridge but i did see flashing lights. we'll give you the update as you cross the bay. >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> very good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. south bay girl recovering this morning after she accidentally shot herself in the leg. the gun that she used belonged to a gilroy police officer and an it all happened inside his home. kris sanchez is joining us live at police headquarters in gilroy with new details. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. let's start by saying that 13-year-old girl is going to be
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okay. though she did shoot herself in the leg and had to go to the hospital but now police are questioning her. they're also talking to a lot of adults that with home at the time of the shooting and we can tell you it was a gilroy police officer whose home where it happened. it was around 3:00 yesterday afternoon on el serito way belonging to a gilroy police officer. and though the gun belonged to the officer, according to the department spokesman, it was not his service weapon. as soon as police arrived they determined there was no public safety issue. >> there are no suspects outstanding so the neighborhood is not in any danger. nobody needs to be concerned about that. but at this sage tig of the game we're still trying to piece together what led up to this event. >> the girl was not alone at the time of the shooting. there was an adult at the home at the time. we don't know whether that adult was the officer. police spokesman told the nbc
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bay area other witness rest answering questions and once that investigation is complete it will be forwarded to the santa clara county district attorney's office. this is, by the way, the second time in nearly three years that gilroy police have had to investigate a fellow officer in the accidental shooting of a child. back in july of 2012 a san jose police officer's 3-year-old son accidentally shot and killed himself with one of the officer's weapons in the family's gilroy home. no charge were filed in that case. in gilroy, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> 6:02. the bay area man accuse of getting behind the wheel after drinking crashing into a mother and baby killing them will be in court this morning. ♪ was blind but now i see >> last night family and friends gathered for a vigil. brian jones lost control of his corvette hitting and killing morales and her 14-month-old
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daughter julie on saturday night. morales had come up with her dauth ore from monterrey to celebrate her cousin's 19th birthday. >> i hope that haunts him forever because it's going to haunt me forever. >> jones is scheduled to be arraigned on the number of charges including gross vehicular manslaughter. >> so much heartache this morning. friends and family will honor the silicon valley executive who died over the weekend. while his family continues to mourn confusion right now building over the details of the didn't. what happened. mexican officials first reported that the survey monkey ceo died after collapsing on a treadmill in mexico at the four seasons. but the four seasons released a statement saying that's not true. meantime, tributes for goldberg are pouring in. m. >> he wasn't larger than life but he lived a great large life. it's just a tragedy that one of the very good people of silicon
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valley this would happen to at such a young age. >> president obama also honored goldberg saying that he embodied the definition of a real leader, someone always looking for ways to empower other people. goldberg's widow is facebook check ti executive sheryl sandberg. goldberg was only 47 years old. accusations of abuse just now emerging involving a bay area church leader and young boys. stockton police arrested jerry alums last week accused of sexually abusing three boys in the 1990s while he lived in the stockton area. most recently alums has played music for several bay area churches. one of them is green pastures independent faith church in richmond. alums facebook page says he works for the child services department for san joaquin county. it was the flag controversy that got national a tension. this morning supporters of five morgan hill teenagers suspended for wearing american flag shirts to school on cinco de mayo are
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going to demonstrate outside the school today. in 2010 four students at live oak high school wore shirts showing the american flag on cinco de mayo. school administrators told them to turn the shirts inside out or go home. protesters claim that school district violated the students' free speech rights. the incident led to a lawsuit that went all of the way up to the supreme court which turned down the case this year. take a good look. police in palo alto hope someone will recognize this man. he's wanted for stealing. police say he took things from several homes in the college terrace neighborhood last week. if you know him call police. workers in one day area city may soon be bringing home a bigger paycheck and a very expensive area. the emeryville city council set to vote tonight on increasing the minimum wage to $12.25 per hour. that would tie san francisco and oakland for the highest mark in the country. san francisco's new minimum wage just went into effect last friday. across the bay this morning to roar-acle arena.
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all is quiet now but come tonight sthouss of fans will come to the arena to watch the warriors take on the grizzlies. >> you probably have to shell out a few hundred bucks to get into the or racle or be stephan chuang inside the oracle. the warriors showing no sign of slowing down. they haven't even lost a single game so far in this postseason. >> yeah, absolutely. the warriors undefeated in the playoffs so far. right now if you want a ticket they're $675 on stubhub and may be some on if you make it out here you get the strengths in numbers t-shirt which you see draped all over the empty seats here. it is going to be ridiculous tonight. you mentioned the screaming fans here hoping to distract the grizzlies to the warriors beat on sunday in game one. led by a very strong warriors team at the helm, they've got steph curry, of course. he won the league's mvp title announced yesterday. the first ever warriors player to get that tighttle since 1962.
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the 27-year-old led the warriors to a franchise record and nba best of 678 w wins. teammates leak draymond green agrees he deserves it. >> like i told my mom yesterday, it couldn't have happened to a better person. >> this hasn't sunk in at all. i'm on cloud nine for sure. >> reporter: all right. now, this is going to be tonight's game at 7:30. 127th consecutive soldout home game here at the roar-acle. the warriors at 39-2 for home record. but of course adding the three playoff wins and you've got 42 here at home. hoping to make that 43 here tonight. okay. so the last time you saw me i don't think you got the full tech teak from one steph to another. so i'm going to try again. this is very technical. i think it's all in kind of the angle here. here we go.
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echlz okay. all right. i'll work on it and get back to you guys. >> there you go. you have all the time. commercial break. >> the dipsdipsy-do. thank you, stephanie. tipoff tonight at 7:30. then the warriors are going to head to memphis for games three and four on saturday and next monday. game five if necessary will be back in oakland next wednesday. >> you really realize when you're that good of a player you make it look so's. >> it looks effortless. stephanie's motion looked effortless. if we tried to make the shots oh sxwloe the maybe you. you're pretty tall. >> i'm telling you right now i would air ball. no shadow of a doubt about that. microcl microclimate forecast right now outside of downtown san jose. i even played basketball back in the day. i'm telling you right now, the nerves when you've got to get out there when there are people watching, completely different animal. >> you were nervous when you were doing that dipsy-do, huh, sam? there is a basketball court
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right here on the property. we challenge you, sam brock. temperatures right now are come for theable. good looking day to dut get outdoors. whatever you plans are. keep in mind that pollen is still pretty high. but if you don't suffer from the allergies of the season, just spectacular. 52 degrees in oakland. 51 degrees right now in san jose. we do have clouds out there. just about everywhere. afternoon sunshine though in abundance. let me take you through your day part forecast. you break for lunch, oh, yeah, getting, oh, so much closer to the weekend that the point. temperatures are going to be in the low 60s. we'll round out the day in the mid 60s to mid 70s. 76 degrees for the north bay. 69 degrees in the south bay. today and 63 degrees out there on the east shore where the crowds will be all funneling in to roar-acl eks arena later on. let's talk about that pollen because here's the deal. we do have a little bit higher pollen levels today than what we experienced yesterday. let me give you the forecast as we head throughout the next couple days. high today, high tomorrow, but
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look at this. a little break. as we head throughout thursday and friday that's courtesy of showers expect them to be the timing for that in my next report. i've got the tell you they are going to creep back up by saturday. it is just that season of sneezing. just keep in mind we do have some rain on the way and a little relief. i'll show you exactly when to expect showers in your neighborhood in my next report. right now let's talk to mike about your drive. hopefully there's no congestion in that department. not yet anyway. >> depends on the drivers, i guess. the season of sneezing. sounds like we have more carols, seasonal carols coming on. san mateo bridge, much better news. flashing lights have cleared. looks like from the span without any additional slowing. look at that pleasant westbound commute away from us. we'll check the other cameras since we have them. looking out at foster city approach. those are the ones away from us on the other side. that's how it goes. crews cleared after earlier reports of a car fire and then maybe just a stall now no problem. we'll look over toward the east
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bay where we have the build. hayward coming down toward the san mateo bridge. that's 92. at the bottom of the screen, 84. traditional slowing down toward fremont out of hayward. 680 shows you a traditional build out of 580 but no incidents reported in the area. good news. widen out, and show you 580 and highway 4. both westbound coming into the bay area. that is what shows a build typical for the pattern. no problems heading toward the bay bridge or north bay over on the left side of your screen. you see from san rafael to the golden gate area. we'll look at the live shot and show you the toll plaza has the backup. all lanes are filled up to the end of the parking lot. metering lights are on. anything fast track and over to the right approach looks like you're slow off the berkeley curve. back to the maps. show you again not so bad. most of the peninsula in the green there speed sensors throughout the south bay in the green area. fremont starting to show build as folks are coming down out of the east bay into the silicon valley. typical pattern.
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>> typical tuesday. thanks, mike. do you know the sign os of a stroke in up next, what officials are doing today that could be the difference between life and death. karly 15 written thcarly fi. she has a new book. >> who knows what tomorrow will bring and happening right now, more than a million dollars and counting, 1.7 to be exact. that was all over night. how you can help give back to communities across the bay area today.
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welcome back. carly fiorina's new book "rising to the challenge" came out last night. >> scott mcgrew got up early to read it. >> i got halfway through, two-thirds. smart bid of marketing, announcing for running for president the day before your
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book come out or smart polit politicking to have a book come out the day after you run for president. the two things are not a coincidence. fiorina writes about her experience getting fired at the head of hp. she says she got a phone call that day from president bush and steve jobs as well as she was working with the presidential campaign where one of her tasks was to breathe sarah palin on economic issues but she writes, i never did brief her although i made numerous requests to meet with her during the campaign. to this day, she i dids, i have never met her. there you see the quote. fiorina will be on the "today" show later on nbc. she appeared on periscope monday afternoon answering fairly direct questions about her move to layoff 30,000 workers at hp. now, some trivia. she herself has not had a paid job since she was let go at hp. other news, remember pandora, the music streaming service, still popular but maybe eclipsed a bit by spotify.
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it has to pay artists more for music than some competitors have to. pandora came up with a solution. it blocked a radio station. this pandora thinks will change its classification. now it's a radio station with a really popular app. it's wanting to do this for years but finally got approval from the fcc to buy kxmv in rapid city, south dakota. hits 1027 and it's today's best hits without the rap because apparently in south dakota not so much on the rap. >> i wonder why. >> that's funny. i thought that some of the big artists, 50 cent was large in south dakota. >> no. >> no. not the same kind of appeal. thank you. happening right now, the bay area is coming together to help local non-profits. >> it's called silicon valley gives. all day long anyone can donate and the money raised will go to hundreds of charities right here in the bay area. >> "today in the bay's" bob ridell is live in santa clara this morning.
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bob, so far that number sits at $1.7 million. all of this just came in overnight. the real day of giving starts today. good morning. >> yeah, that's since midnight. by the end of the live shot which will be in about two minutes. we hope to make it to $1.8 million. we'll see, give or take. we've got numbers actually 1. -- $1,716,000. it's going to help three counties. live unites? >> we're raising money for high school students to be young entrepreneurs in our community. >> education center? >> psychological and educational testing for children and adults. >> family giving tree. >> raising 15,000 books for new backpacks. >> tech, a museum? >> museum in san jose. bring hands-on education to kids
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in san jose valley. >> we give underserved kids math strong college ready. >> veggie? >> community farm in east san jose. we believe everyone deserves access to healthy, affordable food. >> these are some of the 850 non-profits you can help. simply, go to they're asking for a minimum of $10 donation. last year which was the first year of this 24-hour fund raising marathon, they raised $8 million. hopefully they'll surpass that goal. you can go online, come to the safe way store at the river mark plaza in santa clara where people will be out front reminding you in case you can't remember the six laters or seven? if you can't remember they'll remind you. have simple again. a lot of nonprofits are helping people throughout the bay area. sam, laura? >> wow. can barely hear you through it. they're excited. great to see the enthusiasm. >> what? >> the whole point.
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numbers are insignificant. just give. thank you, bob. for more information on how and where to donate head to our website there you will find a link to silicon valley gives at the top of our home page. we'll check in with bob ridell again to see how the fund-raiser goes. we've seen it grow throughout the morning which is fantastic. >> they're growing in number out there and that's a lot of pressure to say in five seconds. tell me the mission of your group. did a good job for that. >> great job. the prosperity here in the bay area, everybody knows about it. worldwide. and so let's be the tide that raises all ships. we'll always trying to get better around here. when you give, isz always better to give than to receive. 6:19. let's get you outdoors. show you what we are working with. 52 degrees on the peninsula. 41 degrees starting out a little chilly out there this morning in the north bay but, hey, look at the temperatures spread headed you your way. at 4:00 when our highs come in,
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73 for the east bay. that's the high out there. 69 degrees on the peninsula. so low clouds clear by noon today. we don't have a lot of low cloud coverage here in the south bay to start the new bay but you're going to find plenty. in san francisco around at the immediate coast, clearing by lunchtime. as we head throughout the next couple of days though, even when the low clouds clear we will see that persistent sea breeze. beautiful ocean air moving all of the way inland. that's our national ac. another deep marine layer for tomorrow means more of the same. and then this area of low pressure arrives as we head throughout your thursday. let me give you the timeline for the changes where you live. starting up in the north bay, all of the way down to the golden gate bridge, 3:00 fm to 9:00 p.m., drizzle and a few light showers. everything presses south between 5:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. on thursday. not expecting much but this is great news when it comes to keeping things nice and moist around here. we don't want to get too dry because that means elevated fire danger. also this is going to help to lay down the pollen that's been
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flying around collecting on your windshield. temperatures for the next couple of days will stay nice and steady. low 70s tuesday into wednesday in the south bay. mid 60s meanwhile in san francisco. getting into your mother's day weekend, comfortable conditions for the east bay. just a little bit warmer out there with temps in the upper 70s for your saturday. and let me give you a preview of what to expect. you and mom this year, beautiful conditions. provided by mother nature. 74 degrees on saturday. 76 degrees on sunday. and so we're looking nice and mild. let's see if your drive is mild this morning where people are getting agitated out there already. here's mike inouye. >> i hope they're not getting agitated because there's not much reason for that, christina. good morning. looking and considering this is a tuesday, especially because tuesday. look at the light volume of traffic in oakland. past oracle arena, steph chuang is talking about that. 7:30 tipoff. people will get there much before. the maps, overall traffic flows
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smoothly past the coliseum. disabled vehicle moving to the shoulder. slowing through richmond. by the time you reach golden gate field you're fine. easy tuesday for the north bay down to the golden gate bridge for southbound 101 through the north bay. typical build coming in off the tri-valley. we had a stall reported right around the dublin interchange. looks like that's cleared. south 680 and 880 starting a build. traditional pattern. again, lighter for a tuesday. south bay just starting to show slow down for knob 101 and that's it. we'll give you this live look and show how you heavy the traffic is just starting to build. we don't have much of that. we will be back with more news, weather, and whatever traffic developing after this break.
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very good tuesday morning. it is 6:25. today is national stroke alert day. to mark the occasion health officials in san mateo county will be out making people aware of the warning signs. officials will hand out stroke awareness cards. the cards outline the stroke warning signs with the acronym f.a.s.t., face, arms, speech, and time. face means check for uneven smile. arm, checking one arm see if it's weak. speech of course means listen or slurred speech. and time stresses the importance of calling 911 immediately if you see any of these symptoms. >> important queues there. 6:25. retiring at the age of 65 might kind of be a relic of the past.
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new survey of american workers fipds out more than 4 fougout o people expect to work past 65 or not retire at all. 44% of the people surveyed worried they would not be able to save enough money for retirement. a third believe their standard of living is going to diminish once they stop working. it turns out pacquiao had an up hill battle before entering the ring to flight noid mayweather. he was hurt. >> finding out about this after the fight, pacquiao's manager saying the fighter will have shoulder surgery this week for a torn rotator cuff suffered last month. pacquiao says he thought he could get an anti-inflammatory shot before the fight and be fine. the fight officials shot that down. pacquiao could face disciplinary actions for failing to disclose the prebout injury. >> had to be painful for him. >> hopefully he's not blaming losing the flight on that shoulder. still ahead, milestone for silicon valley. >> the race for the white house.
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man, a lot of people are trying to elbow their way into the oval office. it's going to get more crowded. familiar face ready to announce a presidential run, another one today.
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stellar day in the bay where comfortable conditions. then things change. we'll tell where and when we are expecting showers in your microclimate. even though it's traffic tuesday, we're seeing an unusual pattern of traffic out there.
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the san mateo slows down, an incident as you approach. a lower open on this markets as we take you live out to the new york stock exchange. as they ring the opening bell and how about flowers on the nasdaq. 1-800-flowers reminding you it's mother's day on sunday. >> we'll take it and love it as we look live outside from the south bay across the bay area. nice start to our tuesday, may 5th. cinco de mayo. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. here's a look at today's top stories. mourners are gathering today at stanford for a private memorial honoring david goldberg. survey monkey ceo died. killed a mother and her young daughter. making his first court
6:31 am
appearance this morning. police say that brian jones spent the day drinking before saturday's crash. 13-year-old girl is recovering after accidentally shooting herself in the leg at a home in gilroy. the girl should be okay but investigators say she shot herself with a gun owned by a gilroy police officer. we move to decision 2016 and the race for the white house which is getting decidedly more crowd it for the day. 15 candidates arer kg a run for the office and one more throwing hate into the ring today. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live from washington, d.c. this morning. tracie, this new candidate is a familiar face but on fox news for the last few years. good morning. >> reporter: right, good morning, sam. it's someone that we know, we've heard of before and seen in this position before. former arkansas governor mike huckabee who we've seen on tv and we've also seen in a presidential race says he wants to try it again.
6:32 am
nailed shut is the title of the video. mike huckabee is using to kick off his campaign today. >> any drunken redneck can walk into a bar and start a fight. a leader only starts a fight that he's prepared to finish. >> reporter: he'll make the announcement from the heart of clinton land, hope, arkansas, arguing it's there in small communities, not in washington, where government should have the most power. >> power needs to be local and limited. >> i'm ben carson, and i'm a candidate for president of the united states. >> reporter: former arkansas governor follows dr. ben carson and carly fiorina announcing this week but huckabee may have an advantage. >> this thing gets even more exciting when the governors get in because the governors have governed. >> the greatest threat we face -- >> reporter: huckabee has been here before. he won iowa in 2008 but failed to win the party's nomination. he's popular with evangelical christians but can he win mainstream conservatives? analysts think huckabee is likely to pull republican
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candidates to the right, especially on social issues. okay. so those are the republicans. and there are lots of them. now let's talk about the main democrat out there right now, hillary clinton. she's coming out west today. she's going to be in nevada and her poll numbers in the latest poll, she's actually getting more negative numbers than positive numbers just in the last month. they're even but her negative numbers are growing. still beating every top republican out there, declared or undeclared. >> certainly a big pool so far. thanks a lot, tracie. easier to count the democratic nominees so far on one hand, or candidates, i should say. time to check the microclimate forecast. look out at the bay and looks a little bit like you've got low clouds to start your day. check in with christina. christina, obviously, big events this week. it's cinco de mayo, right? >> i've got them back here in the weather center. where is your little drum?
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we'll get a band going after this. temperatures are mostly in the 50s. 52 degrees in oakland. we're at 51 degrees in san jose. 52 degrees in san martin. those of us with a little bit of latin heritage, i know i have 1/8 mexican. and you mow what, i can tell you i'm proud of touchdown. cinco de mayo is a great day. cloudy start will make way to afternoon sunshine. temperatures hovering near average. just spectacular conditions last year you may recall it was a little on the warm side. 63 degrees for the south bay. 61 degrees on the east shore. temperatures are going to be nice and comfortable this afternoon. as we get into 4:00, 66 degrees on the peninsula. 63 degrees in the east bay. 76 degrees in the north bay. beautiful conditions. if you are going to be headed out and about tonight you want to make sure you've got that jacket ready to go. lots of festivities happening. downtown san jose, santa that row as well, 50s. san francisco, if you're going to be celebrating out there, do
6:35 am
so responsibly. we always urge that in p downtown santa rosa they have a big fiesta planned for this evening. 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. they're going to have the mariachi out there and live dancing. it should be a good time. i don't know, mike, about how the drive is looking. but have you ever been to one of those restaurants with the mariachi comes and singing right next to you with that trum met pl pet playing in youriaer? >> no trum put but we have had many stringed instruments. we tip them nicely and say thank you. i think that table would like you over there as well. i love mariachi music. just not right next to my dinner. looking over here, got to love it, though. it's great. looking over toward the westbound direction of the san mateo bridge. you got to love this. it's tuesday. look. this is a very smooth drive west 92 over to the peninsula. let's look at your map. as i call out tuesday it's because we typically see the heaviest volume of the traffic for the week. in is lighter than we typically see on the tuesday traffic flow.
6:36 am
there's westbound across the peninsula. no delays through san mateo just yet. it's over here where we have the lower pattern. heading off of 580 where folks are coming out of the tri-valley and out of the central valley. looking at that circle area. that's a stall reported northbound 508 and davis traveling up in towards the hayward area. looks like everything is out of lanes. we will track that as we build the volume heading out of oakland. no real slowing for 880. smooth drive. slowing for the richmond area for west 80 down toward the bay bridge. the metering lights are on at the toll plaza. as we look at that toll plaza backup you will notice over on the right approach we have a little bit of a break. looks like it's starting to fill in once again. lighter flow keeps the maze and the east shore freeway moving smoothly. back out to your maps and finish off with the north bay on the left side. san rafael in toward the golden gate bridge without delay. the peninsula moves at speed for 101 and 280 and in the south bay a little different pattern north 101 slows about capital
6:37 am
expressway and 85 shows the build already coming off of 87. that's a little farther south than we typically see that build for san jose and later build for most of the bay. could be a different commute this morning. >> keep an eye on it. >> i will. >> always depend on mike. he is certainly one in a million but is he one in three million? >> technical now. we know he's rare but this is a staggering number. by unofficial. count a silicon valley's popular passing 3 million. he is literally 1 in 3 million. that is according to the group joint venture silicon valley. to mark that moment the group is hosting a forum today to examine 1078 soft grow some soft growth challenges that the region is facing. 6:37. still ahead, caught on camera. pretty shocking video of a woman pouring windex into her roommate's food. this charges she's facing this morning.
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an investigative qulun it in preview. when you call 911 every single second counts. one south bay address is clogging the system and possibly delaying responses to true emergency calls. records show that one location made hundreds of emergency calls for nonemergency issues. here's the concern. those calls are coming from an address within walking distance of a hospital emergency room. paramedics and firefighters have told the investigative unit the problem continues to grow and county administrators have failed to find a solution. >> they pick up a lot of resources moving patients from one place to the other which is across the parking lot. it is disappointing to know we're not adequately being used. >> do you see this issue as something that concerns you? >> i i wasn't concerned until you brought it to my attention. >> tonight at 11:00 chief investigative reporter tony takes you unside of that issue responding to nonemergencies at the risk of real emergencies. if you have a tip for your investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or you send
6:41 am
us an e-mail to the unit. look at this. hidden camera caught a roommate sab taotaging a fridge. they had a suspicion at their third roommate who they feared was spitting in their food. cameras seem to catch that and more from 22-year-old haley king. including pouring windex on their food. police arrested her after viewing the video. she's now facing felony charges that may lead to jail time. as they say, revenge is a dish best served cold. >> with chemicals could probably be fatal. >> i don't know what her motive must have been. strange. >> they got her. 6:41. coming up next, south bay girl shoots herself with a gun belonging to a police officer. >> and trading parking spots for housing. the new plan that could make getting to and from at&t park even more difficult. >> see how they're getting along right now in san jose. actually not a clear shot of the
6:42 am
roads but a beautiful shot of the horizon as the sun rise starts right now.
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we came in station wagons, campers, on planes to see what walt had built. ♪ forever you♪g and what we found was a place that was always growing, but never grew old. ♪ forever you♪g and now comes a celebration 60 years in the making.
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the disneyland diamond celebration. ♪ may you st♪y with dazzling, new experiences for the young ♪ may you st♪y and the young at heart. ♪ forever you♪g come remember that feeling. ♪ forever you♪g come feel forever young. it is 6:44. a south bay girl is recovering this morning after she shot herself in the leg. it all happened inside his own home. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live at police headquarters in gilroy with new details for us. good morning, kris. >> good morning, laura. let's start by saying that
6:45 am
13-year-old girl is going to be okay but the story could have been very different. she shot herself in the leg but we don't know how that happened and whether or not it was intentional. police are asking questions of her and also of the gilroy police officer whose gun the girl was handling when she shot herself accidentally. it was around 3:00 yesterday afternoon on el serito way. that home belonging to a gilroy police officer. we should mention that though the gun belonged to the officer, according to the department spokesman it was not his service weapon. as soon as police arrived they determined there was no public safety issue. >> there are no suspects outstanding. nobody needs to be concerned about that. at this stage of the game we're trying to piece together what led up to this event. >> the girl was not alone at the time of the shooting. there was an adult in the home at the same time so we don't know yet whether that adult was the officer. the police spokesman told nbc bay area there are other witnesses who are also answering
6:46 am
questions as to what happened. once the investigation is complete it will be forwarded to the santa clara district attorney's office for review. this is the second time in nearly three years that the gilroy police department has had to investigate a fellow officer in the accidental shooting of a child. in july of 2012 a san jose police officer's 3-year-old son accidentally shot and killed himself with a weapon inside the family's gilroy home. in gilroy, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you. could have been much worse. you're right, kris. thank you. let's get a look at your microclimate forecast. this out by the ballpark. let's play ball. the giants actually won last night, 2-0. they are now back at .500. very impressive as they continue their onward march. let me ask you guys a question. do you have allergies? anyone suffer. >> i'm lucky that i don't. >> you don't. do you? >> a little bit this season i've been noticing a little sniffling and seasoning. >> i've heard they're creeping, pollen is creeping.
6:47 am
>> creeping through the shadows. as you're waking up this morning. that sun is coming up. we do have some pollen drifting around. part of the reason why is because it's been so breezy out there lately. we're going to lose a little bit of that wind today but, hey, i've got to tell you if you suffer from the allergies of this season, we have that pollen level creeping up even more so for tomorrow and then by thursday getting a nice break. i'm going to show you why in just one moment. first i want to start with your current temperatures in you can see this morning across all of your various microclimates. we've got a little bit of cloud cover. not working with quite as much we had at this time yesterday. that's a difference for you. otherwise, temperatures are going to be just about the same as we get into your all important afternoon. oh, so much closer to mother's day weekend. we'll have that forecast as well. 73 degrees on the east shore today. 69 in the south bay. 76 degrees in the north bay. here's the deal. even though you can't really see that marine layer from your inland valley spots another this point it's gone. we stem have this persistent
6:48 am
onshore flow. the ocean air will continue to rush in. keeping us nice and comfortable. no need for the ac for the next couple of weeks. i can say it's actually looking more mild than what we peerned for all of april. so here's the difference. as we head throughout your thursday an area of low pressure comes through. and this is not only going to drop your temperatures just a touch, it's also going to bring in some very light shower activity. let me give you the timeline for your microclimate and show you the best location within your microclimate that we're expecting those showers. the best bet will be over the high hills and the mountains surrounding san jose. also expecting the high elevation hills in the east bay to testify it inially get some rain. otherwise we're looking at drizzle from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. a few light showers to north of the golden gate bridge. then all of that activity will work to the south between about 5:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. on thursday. so keep that in mind. this is thursday. a one-day event.
6:49 am
clearing you out overnight into friday morning. so if you live in the hills they might just stay dpreen green longer. we've had so much growth this season. our rainy season has actually been pretty good. still at about 70 to 100% of average for 2015. still trying to dig out of three plus drought years though. let's talk about your next five days. temperatures look fantastic. 71 degrees for today in the south bay. 70 for tomorrow. 69 by thursday. a little bit of warmup as we head into your weekend for the east shore. temperatures are going to be really lovely. 76 degrees on thursday. 78 degrees on friday. staying below 80 degrees and to tell you the truth, these are actually your seasonal averages. this is about average for this time of year. this is how it should feel in the bay area. although we have had some really warm weather lately. mother's day weekend looks fantastic. 74 degrees for your saturday. 75 degrees on sunday in the south bay. a little cooler at the immediate
6:50 am
coast. but, hey, not too bad. mid 60s coming your way. should be comfortable out there for you and mom this year. let's see how your drive is shaping up. if we're getting comfortable out there usual lip not a good thing. here's mike inouye. good morning to you. >> good morning. don't want to get too comfortable on the road. keep it moving. we're moving slower though on northbound 101 in san jose. this is a late start to the build but it is here. in fact, as that sun is coming up, look at the map for the entire san jose, silicon valley in general. northbound 85 experiencing more slowing heading up toward lawrence expressway passing highway 17. 87 in 101 also show a typical pattern. but a later build and now more sudden slowing as we travel through the area. maybe some folks getting a late start this morning but it seems to be the case all around the bay. look across the san mateo bridge. slowing through san mateo. folks coming across 92 and heading up in toward the city. also south into palo alto, still a build but close to the speed limit there. 880 and 680 south of 580 move
6:51 am
smoothly through the tri-valley and east bay. highway 4 and walnut creek interchange. the upper east shore freeway shows a continue slowdown toward richmond and the bergly area, university avenue, and build toward the bay bridge toll plaza. no slowing for the north bay. let's show you the areas on the live camera. backup at the toll what sa smooth but look at that. the left approach still shows a lighter flow of traffic than the rest of your approaches. smooth drive off the east shore freeway. north bay, southbound, really starting to bog down just in the last few minutes. we've seen more cars and they're hud 89ing around this curve approaching north san pedro. no incidents reported. we'll see a general slowdown start out of novato and in toward friday. back to you. >> thank you. the bay area man accuse of getting behind the wheel of a car after a day of drinking and crashing into a mother and her baby in the backyard of a house is going to be in court this morning. last night family and friends gathered for a vigil at the scene of the crash in livermore. police say that brian jones lost
6:52 am
control of his corvette hitting and killing morales and her 14-month-old daughter julie on saturday night. morales had come up with her daughter from monterrey to celebrate her cousin's 19th birthday. >> he took two lives. i hope that haunts him forever because it's going to haunt me forever. >> you don't see the lives of the people that you are ruining until after the fact. jones scheduled to be arraigned on a number of charges including gross vehicular manslaughter. >> more loss and sorrow. today friends and family will honor the signature clicon fami executive. a private memorial for dave goldberg while family continues to mourn, confusion is building over where the incident happened. mexican officials first reported the survey monkey ceo died after collapsing on a treadmill at the four seasons in mexico. the four seasons released a statement saying that's not true.
6:53 am
in the meantime, tributes for goldberg are pouring in. >> he wasn't larger than life but he lived a great large life. it's just a tragedy that one of the very good people of silicon valley this would happen to at such a young age. >> president obama also honored goldberg saying he embodied the definition of a real leader, someone who was always looking for ways to empower others. goldberg's widow is facebook executive sheryl sandsandberg. goldberg was just 47 years old. it is 6:53. flag controversy that got national attention. in just a few minutes supporters of five morgan hill teenagers suspended for wearing american flag shirts to school on cinco de mayo will demonstrate outside the school. in 2010 students at live oak high school, four of them wore shirts showing the american flag on cinco de mayo. school administrators told them to turn the shirts inside out or go home. protesters claim the school district violated the students' free speech. the incident led to a lawsuit
6:54 am
that went all of the way to the supreme court which turned down the case this year. you might say it feels a little bit like a parking lot sometimes getting to and from at&t park during game day. now there might not be a parking lot no traditionally lot a. more development and less parking near at&t. today the giants are rolling out a ballot initiative to turn a parking lot into a neighborhood. the proposed mission rock development has been in the works for eight years and now the giants and neighborhood representatives are ready to take it directly to the voters. the project could transform parking lot a for at&t park into a mixed use development with parks, affordable housing, and new jobs. let's head on over across the bay bridge to the oracle arena. all quiet now but come tonight thousands of fans will pack a arena hoping the watch the warriors tame the grizzlies for the second game in a row. >> they haven't even lost yet this postseason. we're going to keep that streak going we hope. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is live inside oracle this morning not just practicing her shot but telling us about
6:55 am
how the warriors are showing no signs of slowing downey time soon. >> that's right. good morning, sam and laura. they are hot right now. for the dub, it's all about strength in number. the shirts that the cans will get. you can see them draped overall the empty seats. i know how loud it gets the roar. acle. 2007 eighth seated warriors ousted the mavs. it gets crazy in here. it's going to get extra loud here tonight. a team riding on steph curry getting the league's mvp title. look from yesterday officially announced he's the first warriors player to get this title since the team moved to the bay area in 1962 and he was extra emotional as he thanked his father dell curry who played in the league for 16 years. >> this is special. really proud of what you were able to do in your career and i don't take that for granted at all.
6:56 am
>> it's the 127th consecutive soldout game here tonight at the oracle arena and move to memphis after get games three and four. like i said, extra loud. this is 8,000 fans are going to get. i'm going to leave you guys with my last third shot. i'm 0 for 2. here we go. here is the technique. oh. i'll keep working on that. it was close though. right? it was the closest i've gotten all morning. >> you can't get closer than that. i have like 13-12 hours to practice. >> there you go. thanks a lot, steph. >> one day after declaring her. candidacy for president carly fiorina is promoting her new book. >> good timing. >> yeah. whether you're using the candidacy to sell book or the books to sell the candidacy, fiorina will be on the "today" show in a few minutes. her new book on the shelves today rising to the the challenge on monday the former hp ceo said she would seek the
6:57 am
republican nomination for the white house. busy week for you on musk. company solar city reports profits today, tesla does so tomorrow. musk is the chairman of the board at solar city. its cousin is ceo. the other cousin the cto. wait, there's more. musk third company spacex going to launch a capsule that will some day carry people to test the emergency escape system. this will happen tomorrow. carrying a crash test dummy. buster, the crash test dummy for myth busters, irk vp issued a statement saying, no that is not true. speaking of space but not dummies. 54 years ago today the first american went in to space. alan shepard. he wasn't technically the first person in space. that honor goes to yuri. he didn't get very far. he went up to the edge of space and back. he went around. we got better at it. >> pretty cool. >> thank you very much. happening right now, the bay area is coming together to help
6:58 am
local non-profits. >> it's always good to cecil con valley gives. all day long anyone can donate and the money raised will go to hundreds of charities right here in the bay area. "today in the bay's" bob ridell is live. bob, so far this fund-raiser is off to pretty incredible start. >> that's right. started at midnight tonight online. so so far silicon valley has given. let's see if we can get a drum roll, please. amazing drum roll. all right. dr. carson, how much have we raised? all right. that is roughly over the past seven hours. $1.75 mm. raised on helping non-profits in the south bay. santa clara, san mateo counties. dr. emmitt carson, founder of the foundation, how does this work? >> you go online and you can support one of 150 non-profits in our community. and san mateo, santa clara, and
6:59 am
san benito counties. >> these non-profits range from a what to what? >> they work you in the environment. they work you in education. they work in arts. they're helping young kids. they're helping seniors. they're doing all of the important things that we need done in our community. we need everybody to do two things. one, go to and make a contribution and go on social media and tell all your friends to join you. >> injure juyou're just asking million minimum. >> we'll take $10 million and we'll take $10. >> 1.75, doctor, and northern profit. thank you very much. when you go to this in santa clara, they will have people outside gab to remind you, sv again, last year they had this 24-hour marathon fund-raising marathon. it was the first one. raised 8 million. trying to beat that this time
7:00 am
around. >> doing a great job. they are ready to take your $10 million, bob. >> $10 million smile over there, too. ear to ear. christina loren is going to be out there in 20 minutes or so. we'll be here in river mark. good morning. good morning. breaking overnight. isis claims responsibility for that shooting in texas at an event featuring controversial cartoons of the prophet muhammad in what would be the first attack by that terror group on u.s. soil. this morning the families of the two gunmen are speaking out. exercise accident. the husband of facebook coo sheryl sandberg died after collapsing on a treadmill. the tributes pouring out over his life including one from president obama. rising threat. torrential downpours in texas. triggering evacuations and


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